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Danny MurphyFounder of StopB4UStart

Meet Founder Danny Murphy

In March 2015, Danny Murphy was asked to share his story of sobriety at a local Orange County high school. The students were captivated, and their earnest questions and reactions led to Danny to experience a “call from God”: to empower youths to stop before they ever start using drugs and alcohol (and possibly crossing the line into addiction). From this message birthed the non-profit corporation, StopB4UStart.

An ordained Minister/Public Speaker and recovering addict who has recently celebrated 20 years of sobriety, Danny is armed with a passion to share his experience, strength, and hope, and his vision for StopB4UStart is being realized.

Danny’s story spans nearly two decades of addiction that began in high school.

Wanting to fit in, Danny was introduced to alcohol by his peers. With his home life in shambles and his father’s exit out of the marriage, Danny was free to exercise his resentment and anger through alcohol, which also helped him gain acceptance and get the relief he so desperate wanted.

Since he excelled in sports (tennis, skateboarding, and surfing) — becoming the captain of the San Clemente High School Surf team — he became even more accepted. Parties and popularity became his priorities.

It was during college that one of Danny’s surf idols offered him cocaine. From the first use, he felt “taken.” Shortly after, yet another role model — his boss — offered him cocaine. His newfound addiction caused him to lose everything: surf sponsorships, modeling career, multiple jobs, and his college education. The wreckage continued increasing exponentially over the years.

At 33 years old, Danny attended a 12 Step meeting and heard a speaker remind everyone that Jesus Himself had died at 33. Inspired, Danny got on his knees and asked God for help. He felt reborn that night, and believes he was spiritually delivered from his addiction.

He has since learned that he had a living problem. Thereafter, he did whatever it took to stay sober — including working a 12 Step program and getting a sponsor to attend the meetings with him. The connection that he spent his life seeking had finally been found. It was a spiritual relationship — not a chemically-dependent one.

Danny believes that the opposite of addiction is connection. The idea of “we” not me is key, and unity and service are equated to recovery.

StopB4UStart includes a key team of advisors and Board of Director. Together they have created an impactful documentary, and created momentum in spreading the message of StopB4UStart: that recognizing fear and facilitating connections are the keys to empowering our youth.

What further makes StopB4UStart unique is their presentations. For each one, Danny brings a panel of young addicts in recovery to share their experiences, strengths, and hopes with teenagers and parents. Presenting the message of service combined with connection matters. Understanding that everyone has their own journey to walk, there is a need to share, let teens hear the message of connection, and offer resources to experience understanding, love, and acceptance in a society that is often too busy to notice what teens truly need. We are proud to offer real life stories with real life solutions.

A Word from Danny

The most painful thing you can see is when a family loses a young adult or teenager because of alcohol or drug addiction. It kills every single day and we are seeing more deaths by overdose of young people than ever before. It is epidemic.

That is why we created the StopB4UStart documentary, which features 20 of the most renowned public speakers on the topic of alcoholism and addiction who dealt with it themselves. I know we can make a difference and save families from this unnecessary heartache. I know that those precious lives can be helped.

StopB4UStart is more than a documentary; it is about dedicating as many resources as possible and putting them towards that effort. We are a passionate, hands-on non-profit organization seeking those in need and empowering them to stop before they ever have to go through the tragic and brutal life that is addiction.

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